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It's interesting marketing, also I like the mockery of future proofing and his "Ship it!" type attitude (despite his lack of shipping)


I wouldn't call it inappropriate. I don't know that it "gratifies one's intellectual curiosity," though.

I found your headline off putting, mostly because it reminded me of something I'd see on reddit now days (hyperbolic "best" and "ever"). You seem to have your reasons for sharing, and I would have liked to have seen at least some of those in the headline. I think a better headline would have made the submission more interesting and relevant to the HN audience.

I'm fine with the title being altered [mod?] if the community feels it link baity. To be honest I probably should have thought a bit more before pressing submit, just went with my heart at the moment.

This is a good example of what copywriting does in the web. The interesting part is that even though the first page says that the site is temporary, in actual fact it's not. It is a complete portfolio. It has everything a CCO needs to know about a hire. It illustrates the author's personality, and as it happens illustrates how commentors here don't get sense appeals. The comment quality and popularity of this submission is so disjointed.

If I am to write a title for this HN submission it'd be:

A CV of a text designer.

I wouldn't say it's marketing, it's just a fun placeholder with some wit.

It made me click all the way through (I laughed at several points) and impelled me to click on his CV. It is fair to say it was marketing that achieved its purpose.

Well that's fair enough, it might be the way I browse pages but I didn't notice the CV link which is probably why I think it's just a placeholder :)

everything is marketing :)

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