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Vuetube – Video resources that will help you to improve your Vue skills (surge.sh)
107 points by flowck 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

As a jQuery diehard, I recently hit the wall with it and decided to work with Vue instead. Looking at what I have learnt so far. I really wish I moved to webpack, npm and Vue a year ago now. It's nothing short of amazing!

The Net Ninja does VueJS 2 and Vuex tutorials with a lot of great content. Helped me getting up to speed fast and being able to move across easily.

I do see his series in the list, but starts at episode 15. Here's the full playlist for both.

VueJS 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LYrN_cAJoA&list=PL4cUxeGkcC...

VueX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGAu__J4xoc&list=PL4cUxeGkcC...

Did you see the Vue CLI v3 yet? It's an even nicer experience because it manages your entire stack for you so you can focus on developing!

Here's an article that discusses v3: https://vuejsdevelopers.com/2018/03/26/vue-cli-3/.

Does it require node adoption for the back end?

No. My own backend is split between Laravel (php) for an API and GoLang for a job + message queue.

The last time I tried using WebPack on an Elm project it felt as awkward as putting on my underpants head first. I ended up going back to Gulp. That was a year or so ago. Have things improved in WebPack since then?

I've been using webpack a lot for React+TypeScript projects, it's very good when combined with babel, otherwise it can turn into an unmanageable headache. I've used webpack 1, 2 (briefly), 3 (briefly) and now am on 4

Try Parcel bundler :)

Another good vue resource is on laracasts which is mostly free. The short URL is vuecasts.com which just redirects to the following:


This is incredibly well done. The teaching approach is top-notch, focusing on small concepts in each video.

A pleasure to watch and try.

Very neat.

As a mostly backend developer who is competent at frontend I've been enjoying Vue for the last year.

Missing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lpemgMhi0k (First one was very useful to me)

Thank you. Going to watch this later on this eve. I'm upvoting this and commenting this way. Just in case anyone else who comes across this thread and has come across other interesting videos, to please comment and share!

I'm curious if someone used vue with django and how's their experience

I have! It works very well together. We use Django Rest Framework to set up our APIs and haven’t had any issues. Anything in particular you’re worried about that I can help answer?

Currently building a webapp with vue/django and I'm loving it. The project was fast and simple to setup. Even though it is my first time using a js frontend framework, I found it very easy to learn.

You can checkout the source at: https://github.com/rkcf/dailio

And here's a good article for setting a vue/django project up: https://ariera.github.io/2017/09/26/django-webpack-vue-js-se...

Django is a far bigger pain than Vue.

DRF is great for making APIs, authenticating and talking to the APIs with Vue is super easy and straight forward (I recommend using Axios and writing service files in Javascript to encapsulate the logic for actually calling the API.

The main pain point is that Django is kind of unwieldy to deploy, because you'll have your built Vue project (i.e. the dist/ folder by default), and then you'll have the collectstatic files from Django, so setting up a build process that combines all of that is a bit difficult.

Can anyone share his/her experience using Vuetify?

Almost done porting over my entire product to vuetify, after having used “rapid rails” during the original prototyping phase I did during the first 9 months of company existence. I was a Vue newb in October of last year, and now feel very comfortable within the framework, and vuetify fits well underneath Vue.

I’m generally happy and would recommend especially for smaller projects or situations where you don’t have a lot of time to build out your own components. I can see where my limits will be with the framework, but I won’t hit those till I have the funding / revenue to justify needing to overcome those.

What limits do you see?

Just limitations around the component library. I find myself making certain product decisions because I get something "for free" with the framework, versus closer to what I know would be right for my use case (but require me to write my own component).

My iteration philosophy though is to release first, get feedback, then look at where something custom might most benefit my end users, rather than focus on the customization up front. Sometimes the component just doesn't matter as much as I thought it would, so the custom work doesn't matter. Other times it ends up being interacted with a ton, so optimizing the experience makes a lot of sense.

Great to see that Vuetify components are sufficient for helping you arrive at those UX realizations sooner than later. I will use it the same way.

Would you mind providing more concretely which components are insufficient? At a minimum, this would help me to anticipate potential hot spots during my own Vuetify adoption. Further, are your customizations creating value that maybe ought to be PR'd to their projects? Do you follow the same component design for your customs?

I think the list component, especially when used with a card, is a bit hard to mangle in all the ways I want. This is just me trying to overuse the components though, they aren’t bad on the surface.

The table components are good but not great. Find for some basic data displaying, but lack the flexibility I’m looking for in more complex views. There are some other options out there to solve this problem set though, like hot table.

I don’t use their slider component as it’s not featurful enough for me.

I use a different date and time picker.

Their select box input has some good qualities but also some issues with usability on mobile. You can work around them but it’s clunky.

As for me pushing back to them, I don’t think I will. My UI skills leave much to be desired. I’ve seen what skillful front end developers look like and I am not in their class. I’ll leave it to the experts :)

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