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It kind of seems like cheating, the same way Tupper's formula is cheating: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupper%27s_self-referential_fo...

Edit: Dammit, userbinator's post below also mentions this an hour ago. :P

I love the Tupper Formula.

I showed it to my teacher and he was immediately annoyed with it. He was like "yeah bro here, when he takes the modulo, he's basically shaving off bits from end of the the binary representation of that number. When he divides, he's shaving off bits from the start."

A humbling experience.

Once, during his class, I created a tiny python code that would let you draw monochromatically in the terminal then it would find the proper Tupper Formula Y offset that represented the image you drew.

It would simply loop over the drawing (I don't remember the directions but I believe it was bottom-to-top then left-to-right) and annotate wether there was a drawn pixel or not. This sequence was the binary representation of the Tupper Formula Y offset. "We should make something out of this", I jokingly said to my teacher. "They already did, it's called binary", he replied.

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