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Will Michael Dell still shut Apple down and give money back to the Shareholders? (startupmeme.com)
9 points by usablecontent on Apr 26, 2007 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

You know what's interesting: there has been a lot of discussion about the fading of MS as the standard of all things office and OS (in spite of their current hordes of cash.) What hasn't been talked about is the environment that this change is making for Apple. The biggest argument for all business to use MS and PC's has been the standard set by them for file exchange and application availability. With that standard now moving to the web, it opens the door WIDE for Apple to start taking market share in the PC market, an opening that hasn't been here for them since the Apple II. (Note: I am typing this note on a Dell laptop, but my next one is looking increasingly like an Apple. How I dreamed of getting a NEXT when they first came out.)

Precisely. I can't imagine getting a dell when, for approximately the same money, you can get a machine that can run OSX, windows, and ubuntu, with better display quality and support. (well, applecare some people hate and some people love... either way)

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