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Gym Retro (openai.com)
161 points by lainon 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

I created a Google Colab notebook that runs Gym Retro. Feel free to clone it to play around with Gym Retro.


Very cool. Though in your first cell, you misspelled build-essential:

!apt-get install pkg-config lua5.1 build-esbsential libav-tools git

Huh. Good catch. Thanks

Should be fixed now

thanks for creating that. I'm kind of floored that I can just click playground mode, hit the play buttons, and see everything working from my browser without installing anything. this is insane

Nice, thanks a lot for preparing that, that makes it really easy to play around with this.

Off Topic, but I really love OpenAI's blog design and how they present content in each blog post. It's very much visually appealing.

FYI: "much" in your last sentence is misused, and should be left out. You could say "it's very much a visually appealing presentation," but the current usage is just wrong.

The big improvement to Gym Retro is that it now supports Nintendo systems by default (it used to be Atari 2600/Genesis only), with a pretty impressive library of configurations included. (https://github.com/openai/retro/tree/develop/retro/data/stab...)

I have a custom game that i use for DRL and simulations. Is it worth while/possible to hook this game into Gym Retro.

If I do, can i then use all the baseline algos on this ?

How does this compare to ALE ?!

Off topic :

If Sixers from Ready Player One had used Gym Retro, the agent would have easily found the easter egg in the ATARI Adventure than the humans; was bots not allowed in OASIS?..or wait didn't Halliday himself became an agent?

The integration tool is neat. Basically a small memory scanner/editor that will let you search for score values you'd like to define as a goal/reward. I wonder how it handles games that may may not have a static memory location of certain variables: usually you'd need to hook into the process and check out what bits of code are writing to that memory to hammer out a more "permanent" fix. Of course, these retro games might not be that complex.

Is it possible to train ai to be the cpu characters?

Yes, but you’ll most likely have to become fairly proficient at 6502 assembly and need to use a hex editor.

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