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Cool Backgrounds (coolbackgrounds.io)
409 points by petethomas 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 50 comments

This is beautifully done. I noticed the affiliation with investmentcalculator.io - I love that you guys are working on stuff like this. Beautiful, simple products that do one thing with a focus on UX. Make more, please!

Thanks for the love Blair!! icalc is a project by two of my good buddies, and I promise we got plenty more coming down the pipeline.

Here's a few more live ones for your perusal:




Wow - these sites are awesome!

May I ask how you generate links/publicity for these projects? https://chinesenewyear2018.com/ in particular exploded in visibility on google.

PS: Are you OK with me contacting you via mail with additional questions?

Thanks! Feel free to reach out, email in bio.

This website is really nicely designed. I can't quite place it, but I feel very good just looking at it. I can tell it was designed with care.

White or very light background, rounded corners, drop shadows, and some time on spent on proportion.

It's a nicer look than Material or any of its flat competitors.

I wouldn't object if web design headed back in this direction, but it's not a new look. Various Kai Krause and Metacreations products used a version of it back in the 1990s.

Appreciate it! Lots of care and time went into seemingly "useless" details but I think the sum is a bit nicer than the parts.

Is there some name to this style? I'm seeing it more often these days, but just can't nail it down to a framework or so...

I see a mix of flat and material design, but I'm not sure it has a name like Brutalist does. One should probably come up soon given how nice it is. I really like the Rubik font here.

Replacing borders with drop shadows seems to work out great - plus light background with some really delicious colors. Reminds me of Stripe design.

I agree. I'm using a similar design in a current pet project (http://www.niche.fm), it's fun. I still need to update the old lightpink + #181818 modules, though. :)

Yeah, the design is really great! The only thing that slightly (as slightly as one can imagine) put me off are the sharp corners on the "Side project collective" box, while everywhere else are those nice round corners. It may be just me, though, just my two cents.

> I can't quite place it

It's the cool backgrounds


Nice, while we're on the subject, I saw trello used photos from https://unsplash.com/, which looks like a great resource.

I second unsplash

Gradient Topography emits SVG, so you’re clearly not allergic to vector formats; yet Trianglify and Particles emit PNG because they’ve been drawn on a canvas rather than with SVG in the first place.

Being able to emit both PNG and SVG would be best, instructing to use SVG where possible because it’s better than PNG.

Custom resolutions would be great... need 5120x2880 for use as my background.

Working on this. Tough at the moment since the particles background gets GPU intensive. Need to pause, resize canvas while maintaining frame, download image then resize back down and start animating again.

Second this. Even dual monitor support would be great

Looks nice. I recognise at least one background from the library that comes with MacOS. Is that OK to use?

Just checked. If it's the one called Silva it definitely looks like it's the same location/photographer, but they are slightly different. It looks like it uses photos from unsplash.com which is a collection of free photos.

Some of the saved backgrounds in PNG format have noises and lines in them, see for example:


Otherwise, it's a very nice and neat website, kudos!

same here, a lot more if you choose brighter colors: https://imgur.com/a/H5OIH4j

Is it just me, or are these unattractively low res?

No that's definitely not just you. I meant to update those, and will push that change up soon.

Probably default to 2560 x 1440 until it is customizable. Thoughts?

Absolutely. The current 1192x580 is far too low, especially for the backgrounds with thin lines like "Particles".

By the way, the Particles backgrounds get slower and slower every time I choose a different color scheme. It seems to be calling updateEdges / drawEdge N times per frame, where N is the number of color schemes you've viewed.

Looks beautiful, though. I'll definitely be checking back for high res versions.

Great patterns! If you want to build on Android I've got this open source background service https://github.com/jdrbc/SimpleBackgrounds

Nice images, I like the content. Would just be nice if you could add anonymizeIp to GA (if it's needed at all) and maybe host the fonts yourself. Not only for GDPR, but just for privacy.

give the author some love ! https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17133699

I couldn’t download anything except for the last image (Safari, iOS 11.3) — it appears as “unknown” when I click the download button.

Bug report: Cannot change color scheme after clicking "Gradient Topography" twice :)

I'm curious as to the business model behind these type of sites?

Somebody wanted to build something, so they did.

Not everything published online is for immediate financial reward. Sometimes it's to build a digital portfolio. Sometimes it's to learn some new technologies. And sometimes it's just for the fun of it.

I guess self promotion, mostly. Maybe a bit of feeling good and showing off.

What are you using to make the menus pop and slide?

It's all CSS animations timed with transition-delay (but triggered with js adding a "is-active" class).

FYI, there is a strange rendering glitch in current Nightly occurring while scrolling the page with menu opened: https://github.com/webcompat/web-bugs/issues/17016

If you plan to make some radical alterations that could potentially "fix" that bug in near future, could you please freeze current state somewhere until diagnosis finishes?

A quick peek and it appears they're using pure css!

So beautiful! I love the design.

plain black

this is actually the best, uncluttered, background

i work on a black terminal, without window borders, on a black background without icons, and people pass by my desk and are all "whoa, what kind of super-fancy interface is that?"... it gets me every time


when I do ^L, only black pixels except for the shell prompt

haha I was interested in seeing how I could set it up myself - any hints before I start researching a similar setup?

you can configure gnome easily to look that way (with a hidden panel and no icons, and a bit of tweking of your compoositor)

or you just write a tiny ~/.xinitrc that calls evilwm or cwm

    xsetroot -solid black
    evilwm &
    exec xterm



Going to be CC0 once I can figure out how the dynamic images work for copyright issues.

Bottom right, “This free web tool...” That’s how most free licenses should be.

Doesn't work on Chrome mobile for me.

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