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I put mine in my pockets. I also exercise some intelligence and common sense in how I do it.

It's not unusual for a fair amount of strain to be applied there.

For you and other people, apparently not.

You "exercise some intelligence and common sense in how [you put your phone in your pocket]"? What? What does that look like?

My Samsungs, HTC's, and older iPhones did just fine with me exercising exactly no intelligence when I put them in my pocket.

• I put my phone in my front pocket, instead of the back, so I'm not sitting on it;

• I then make sure to buy pants with front pockets deep enough that my phone is not being pressed into my groin when I sit;

• and I take my phone out of my pocket if someone is about to sit on [or straddle] my lap, charge into me at waist height, or drop a large object on my leg while I'm laying on my side.

You know, common sense.

Yeah, that's pretty much me. I don't do it to pamper my phone. It's that I find all of those situations uncomfortable otherwise. However, I still do feel that people who behave callously in those situations are exhibiting: "This is why we can't have nice things."

Please realize that not everyone shares this sentiment, and would rather want a phone suited to their current situation, instead of having to adapt to their phone - like having to buy pants that fits the phone. To me, that's just as much common sense.

There are many phone-sized objects, though. It's not so much that you buy pants to fit just your phone, as that you buy pants that are functional according to the current expectations of society on what you should be carrying around with you; and clothiers also take this into account and make most pants with pockets large-enough to fit those same expected accessories.

I mean, I do approach the problem from the other direction as well; one reason I don't buy a phone that's approaching phablet size (other than not being able to hold the things in one hand) is that it wouldn't fit in the pockets of most pants, greatly narrowing the range of pants I could wear (or necessitating an—admittedly probably cheap—tailoring to add deeper pockets.)

But as it stands, I'm not limiting myself much—my phone is only slightly larger than my wallet, so I'm just avoiding clothes that not only wouldn't fit a phone, but wouldn't fit a wallet. There aren't that many pants (for men, at least) that have pockets that small/shallow/tight.

The people are using it wrong(but not the previous generation that did not bend), maybe Apple should sell them some cases for protection /s

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