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> If ocaml gets multicore finished before 20XX, do you think that f# developers who came from outside dotnet could be coaxed to ocaml?

I do think that upcoming multicore support in OCaml is very exciting. I am more optimistic that it will attract people from Golang and C++. F# developers coming from outside dotnet is just too small a cohort.

> Getting started with f# with ionide and vscode is literally the most pleasant onboarding I've experienced since ruby.

Yeah, Ionide is really amazing. However merlin has also worked pretty well for me so far, and the emacs integration is a big plus for me. YMMV.

Also my comment was more around frontend use cases (compile to JS). I wouldn't be surprised if F# shines wrt Azure integration and within the dotnet ecosystem.

> You do web development primarily? I've been eyeballing TS lately, you think that's probsbly a better choice for more professional work until reasonml gets bigger pants to wear?

Yes, mostly node and frontend. In my area, professional work in reasonml is almost non-existent, but I do expect this to change in future.

As an developer coming from Ruby myself, glad to see more people from dynamic languages finding FP and type systems interesting.

I'm absolutely fascinated with type system theory. I also really like logic programming stuff too, some of what's happening in the relational logic world is very interesting stuff.

Anyways, thanks!

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