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Or you could buy a business edition Windows laptop, with reliability that makes Apple laptops look like toys, and install whatever OS you want, and get the benefit of both worlds.

All you have to give up to get a reliable product is the shiny Apple logo on the back of your screen.

All the manufacturers have their problems. It doesn‘t matter if you buy HP, Lenovo, Microsoft or Apple.

If you want a low maintenance device you are probably best suited with Apple or Microsoft devices since you don‘t have to worry about driver updates and bloatware.

I haven't had any real issues with my P51. It pretty much just does what it says on the label.

I have more issues with Windows 10 "updating" my printer drivers to versions with fewer features or replacing my working graphics drivers with versions that don't have any control panels. The only reason I still use Windows is to open Word documents.

I've messed with hackintoshes for years on desktop. It's easy to get macOS running, getting it to 100% is much more challenging. On laptops it's even worse. Plus a hackintosh installation can die for whatever reason at the most unexpected moment.

No thanks.

Apple laptops are statistically as reliable as most other manufacturers. But Lenovo, Dell, etc, are more ugly with worse trackpad and worse screen.

Trust me I've tried everything. With all its faults, for me, macOS on Apple hardware is still the best choice.

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