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Still holding out hope for the 2016 Macbook Pro keyboard class action and subsequent repair programs.

Me too, a free repair program would be nice, for those of us unlucky enough (like me...) to have spent thousands of dollars on one, and a replacement keyboard coming in at ~700 dollars thanks to it requiring so much of the machine to be replaced.

I bet we just get a 12 dollar check in the mail though.

Finally got tired of random letters "n" missing in my text and got a PixelBook with Linux support as my new dev laptop.

Would really like to know how that works out for you, tempted to get one myself. Holding out for 8th gen i7 though - work XPS 13 has 8th gen and not looking to 'downgrade' CPU. Pixelbooks are rarer than hens teeth on eBay so no refurbishment bargains to be had.

That is going to be a very interesting can of worms to open.

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