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I never thought that voice control would be that useful until I had my daughter... being able to turn on the white noise, turn off the tv, play her music, etc while having my hands full of toddler is very useful.

How did we do it before? I can't even imagine. /s

He said that it is useful and makes his life easier. He did not said that whole family would die without it.

What I am saying, is that I think the increase in convenience is largely perceived.

Are you arguing that we should just stop creating anything new, since we clearly survived before without it? This comment could literally apply to ANY new thing.

No I'm not, I work on home automation for a living. I am saying the value and added convenience is largely perception and it doesn't. I raised my first kid pre-echo and my second post echo. I think for the most part, raising a kid is easier than we thing, and we are surprised at how well we are doing and attribute that to things around us, much like our old superstitious ancestors.

Clap on

clap clap

Clap off

clap clap

Clap on, clap off. The Clapper!

clap clap

You can't clap with a baby in your arms?

That’s about all we use ours for

“Alexa... play white noise”

“ALEXA... stop”

Do you notice that it randomly fades out and then fades back in every few hours? I don't understand why it does that.

Is it pulling a track from their music archives? Maybe it’s just a several hour long loop and the date is when it repeats.

Yeah, that is kinda my guess, but it doesn't seem to be predictable... sometimes it happens within a few minutes, other times it takes an hour or more.

Then I'd assume it's a playlist, and some tracks are just longer than others.

Why do you want to turn on white noise?

Blocks out other distracting sounds. Helps kids, animals and some people relax. Helps some people sleep.

It can help babies sleep. Supposedly it simulates the noise in the womb

Heck it helps me sleep -- I'm a light sleeper. I started using the Noisli app every night this past year and my sleep quality improved in noticeable ways.

I also live in a city, so white noise (actually brown noise) masks out tiny noises that interrupt sleep.

It helps kids sleep.

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