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Statistics would argue with you. Most sources put the proportion of repeat violent crime offenders at around 60%.

If you're in jail for theft and then beat the person who got you arrested senseless with a baseball bat, that doesn't make you a repeat violent crime offender.

Of course, the article doesn't elaborate on what his previous sentence was, but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it was theft, fencing, scams or fraud etc. and not violence.

I disagree, not with the stats, but with the idea that the stats imply in any way that she could be at additional risk. Conventional wisdom (I'm surprised by the lack of data around this topic) is that most people re-offend because they have no real connections with people anymore and can't find reasonable employment.

Of course, she could be the lottery winner, finding the guy who was looking for a reason to become the next serial killer, but that is unlikely.

In fact, it is highly unlikely the guy will ever come across this article. He doesn't seem the type to google his own name.

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