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I listen to books during commutes and errands, and give them a letter grade when I'm done. I read a lot of different genres as I believe there's value in all genres (and mediums too).

These are some of the books I've given an "A" over the last few years, roughly grouped by genre:


- A Short History of Nearly Everything

- Fabric of the Cosmos

- Dataclysm

- The Righteous Mind

- Merchants of Doubt

- Dead Wake

- Man's Search for Meaning

- Evicted

- The New Jim Crow

- Night


- We

- The Sirens of Titan

- Hyperion

- Stories of Your Life

- Frankenstein

- The Day of the Triffids

- Childhood's End


- The Stormlight Archives

- The First Law Trilogy

- The Lord of the Rings


- The Stranger

- Dubliners

- Things I've Learned from Dying

- The Things They Carried

- Cloud Atlas

- Stoner

- Pillars of the Earth

Thanks for the recommendation! I've heard so many good things about Malazan. I'm a big fan of the 'grimdark' genre, and Malazan seems like the quintessential series for that genre.

+1 for the Stormlight Archives I would add the rest of Brandon Sanderson Cosmere books:

Mistborn Trilogies Warbreaker Elantris etc.

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