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We have very similar conditions just a few dozens meters under the sea, where sun light doesn't reach. If I remember correctly, creatures that live there still sleep, although their cycles are not linked to 24 hours.

I wonder if there are still some kind of seasons down there or if the tides have an impact.

I suspect tides have an impact until you leave the continental shelf and get into deep, deep water.

The thermal vents from volcanic activity seem to be reasonably well insulated from cyclic activities at the surface. They would likely only see variation from cycles with much longer scales, such as the 26 ky axial precession cycle, the 41 ky axial tilt cycle, the 100 ky orbital eccentricity cycle, the 112 ky apsidal precession cycle, the 300-500 My tectonic supercontinent cycle, etc--the ones that can change climate and geology, rather than just weather.

The vent dwellers might get an inkling if an ice age has been going on the surface for a while, or if runaway greenhouse effect is boiling off the ocean surface.

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