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GIMP 2.10.2 Released with HEIF Image Format Support (phoronix.com)
36 points by rbanffy 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

> High Efficiency Image File Format being the standard designed to allow storing twice as much information as JPEG at the same file size while better image quality.

Sounds neat.

> HEIF is backed by the MPEG organization and, yes, involves patent licensing.

Right. So as a Internet-format, it's pretty much dead in the water then.

> High Efficiency Image File Format being the standard designed to allow storing twice as much information as JPEG at the same file size while better image quality.

I think that might be a controversial claim. For example, in this comparison:: http://nokiatech.github.io/heif/comparison.html HEIF and JPEG seem almost equal. HEIF wins on blurry parts of the image because it introduces fewer artifacts. But JPEG wins in noisy parts of the image because the artifacts look like the original signal. The last image shows this well - the white floor texture is blurred to nothing sooner in the HEIF image.

In the last image, do the JPEG artifacts in the sky also look like the original signal?


No, because that's a blurry part of the image where HEIF is better.

> HEIF itself is a container, and when containing images and image sequences encoded in a particular format (e.g., HEVC or H.264/AVC), its use becomes subject to the licensing of patents on the coding format. [0]

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Efficiency_Image_File_For...

If it’s just a container-format, bragging about “high efficiency” sounds pretty rich.

That this aspect of the file-format also makes the patent-status if the content uncertain or questionable (until inspected or attempted opened) is IMO something which makes this sound even less undesirable as a web-format.

Here's the original announcement so you can avoid phoronix:


Maybe I'm out of the loop: what's wrong with Phoronix?

Not much really. He churns out a lot of articles, some of them can be a bit clickbaity, and lacking in much information. He does sometimes post articles that are purely based on rumours. But I think he fills a good niche for technical but easy to read Linux/open source news.

In this case he hasn't really done much more than summarise the official release notes, so OP may as well have linked to those.

> In this case

In pretty much every case. It's rare that Michael actually contributes meaningfully to an article he posts. It's almost always just some copy/paste of the original source.

I don't know about phoronix especially, but the HN guidelines states "Please submit the original source. If a post reports on something found on another site, submit the latter." Maybe that is what he/she was referring to

iOS introduced support for HEIF and gotta it's a pretty and i prefer it to the standard jpeg. Mind you, it's always a fear about interop and patenting but patents have never stopped the open source projects from supporting it some way or another (just ignore the patents seems to be an effective strategy for some)

Any idea why a macoS version isn't available? Where would I get it?

Last time I tried to use GIMP I wanted to do a simple affine transform on an image. I selected the transform tool and GIMP crashed. Apparently this is a known bug since 2016. Just checked, still broken. When people say GIMP sucks they really mean it.

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