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Very inspiring, this is her website: http://marchan.travel.coocan.jp

Also previous discussion and video: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14995333

Kind of off topic, but I've always found Japanese domain names to weird. They always seem to be subdomains of someone else's site. Why is this?

She is probably using some hosting service provided by Japaneses company. edit: the company hp is cocan.jp a lot of personal home page are host by them. since normal Japanese don't exactly know how to use heroku and AWS.

In case you're not aware, you're being downvoted for "Jap". Perhaps you were just abbreviating "Japanese", but it's considered offensive.

That is good to know, I am not from the states. I thought Jap was abbreviate for Japanese what have the internet done to me lol.

"Jap" only became an ethnic slur in American English during/due to World War II.


The rules are complicated, as a non-native English speaker it would be very easy to get caught out. Brit and Aussie are fine, Jap and Paki are pejorative. Best to use the full term if in any doubt.

Reminds me of my early days in the web (early to mid 2000's) when people had GeoCities websites, Angelfire, etc... For the record GeoCities never closed for Japan probably due to this phenomena you mention where they just host somewhere instead of buying a domain. I wonder how many pay for hosting despite only having a subdomain.

Even more crazy, the Japanese Geocities is part of the Japanese Yahoo.

Sometimes it really feels like they have a parallel web going on over there!


Although I can't read Japanese I love how simple her layout and fast to load her website is.

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