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I’m curious to know how a company like mine [1] might offer the same value to users while avoiding google.

When we first launched (on HN, I should note), we checked the browsers that people used to come to our site. It was roughly 90/10 Chrome/Firefox. That’s why we built our first extension for Chrome (and later built for Firefox also). Don’t we have to meet our users where they are?

Would love to hear your ideas!

1: http://www.BeeLineReader.com/individual

> http://www.BeeLineReader.com/individual

Completely off topic but do you receive feedback from some users that your color gradients actually make it harder to read? I was struggling to read your landing page, my eyes kept were involuntarily flitting all over the page. My eyes kept jumping around scanning like they would at a traffic intersection or a pool (I was a lifeguard) for activity. It was kind of weird and stressful.

We do occasionally hear that. Did you try the more subtle color schemes, or just the default (which is the brightest)?

I didn't, I'll go back and give it a try. It seems like a really interesting idea.

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