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Exact same thing happened to our previous startup cohort. To top it off the dev already had a banned account before he joined the startup and had a "poisoned" banned play account. He logged in via google multi-login account to the startup and in a few days google banned the entire startup. The whole seed funding, adsense, docs everything gone up in smoke. Funny thing; only adwords was not banned and they kept siphoning off funds for non existential apps. The Founders found everything banned and didn't bother to check if adwords was also banned; and it wasn't. Sneaky google. Sneaky

Sounds like a nice way to sink a competitor.

How did you resolve it? Did anything happen to the employee?

The startup was dissolved. One more startup with $60 million funding is winding down : https://www.smartcompany.com.au/startupsmart/news-analysis/a...

If all he did was multi-login without otherwise doing anything inappropriate, and the company generally allows signing in to personal accounts, I hope nothing happened to him. That's no reason to discipline or fire someone, even if that was what triggered Google's algorithms.

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