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I believe for all of Microsoft's business services, you can submit a real ticket to real support people. Completely possible with my organization. It better be too, given that we pay them maybe $15,000/year for Office 365 licenses.

My experience is that this is true for my company's corporate Azure/Office365 type services and ALSO for my personal Office365 Home subscription.

I had an issue sending an email from my personal microsoft account and I submitted a case via the support tool and I had a response from a helpful representative within 12 hours.

Microsoft offers free phone support on free services. I had an issue with parental settings in Microsoft Accounts and Xbox Live. I was able to chat with a person online, receive call backs from 2 different people, spent hours on the phone, and a received a up email many months later from Microsoft notifying me that the issue had been resolved.

It wasn't a pleasant experience but I did get to talk to real people and they did eventually resolve the issue.

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