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Google and Amazon use mostly the exact same outsourcing companies for their 1st and 2nd level support.

If this is true AWS either demands more or pays them more because AWS high tier support vs GCloud "platinum" support is a joke.

I can usually get even a very hairy ticket resolved on AWS in a manner of hours, every gcloud ticket we open takes days. Sure the respond in 24 hours but it's usually just a response that says "We'll get back to you eventually". If google actually wants to compete in cloud services they need to step up their game.

There's a regional Amazon support hub (for South America) a few floors down from where I'm sitting. Microsoft has stellar support in this region (I even interviewed once). As far as I know, Google has no equivalent.

If I had to rate them, I'd say Microsoft has by far the best support, followed by Amazon, and Google's is (almost?) non-existent.

Greetings google user. Were sorry that you're having problems at this time. Please check into the forums and go get support from other sorry sods who also need help. Maybe if you can run enough brain cells together, you might be able to solve an issue.

-your favorite google tech support (NONE!)

AWS support is not outsourced but knowledgable US people who can and do page anyone including the engineers for help. There is a reason the top level of support costs an extra 3-10% of spending.

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