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Reliance on google is dangerous for sure. A couple months ago my startup’s popular Chrome extension was unceremoniously yanked from the Chrome store. It took weeks to get the situation resolved, and even then it was only because I live in Silicon Valley and know people at Google who could ping the Chrome team until it was fixed. In the meantime, our most popular product was sidelined.

We have since ported to Firefox Quantum to be less reliant on Google.


> Reliance on google is dangerous for sure.

It is also unnecessary. While I understand the convenience, there are plenty of better solutions to use over Google, especially for a software company.

I’m curious to know how a company like mine [1] might offer the same value to users while avoiding google.

When we first launched (on HN, I should note), we checked the browsers that people used to come to our site. It was roughly 90/10 Chrome/Firefox. That’s why we built our first extension for Chrome (and later built for Firefox also). Don’t we have to meet our users where they are?

Would love to hear your ideas!

1: http://www.BeeLineReader.com/individual

> http://www.BeeLineReader.com/individual

Completely off topic but do you receive feedback from some users that your color gradients actually make it harder to read? I was struggling to read your landing page, my eyes kept were involuntarily flitting all over the page. My eyes kept jumping around scanning like they would at a traffic intersection or a pool (I was a lifeguard) for activity. It was kind of weird and stressful.

We do occasionally hear that. Did you try the more subtle color schemes, or just the default (which is the brightest)?

I didn't, I'll go back and give it a try. It seems like a really interesting idea.

> and know people at Google

That seems to be how a lot of these stories (and stories like these aren't really uncommon on reddit or HN) of getting locked out of Google stuff are resolved.

If you don't know someone, you're hosed. How many times have people without inside contacts or reddit/HN accounts gone through this? We'll never know.

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