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One thing that makes me always wonder is that Google can get away without proper Customer Service. Usually if that kind of thing happens and an employee refuses to disclose the details, you talk to their manager and so on, and if the company still refuses to restore the service, you get it to the court for illegal termination of the contract. I mean, you can't terminate the contract with another company without explaining why (and no, "you violated the terms but we can't tell you exactly what" is not an explanation.)

"We have the right to disable your account at anytime, for any reason and without notice" is pretty standard for anything cloud based. IME the business leaders in charge of decisions to move to cloud infrastructure are even less likely to read the terms of service than a general user is.

Except this story doesn't add up, because Google's customer service for even small companies on Google Apps is pretty good.

I'm guessing that the company isn't using G-Suite, but rather a bunch of gmail accounts set up as 'work' accounts. If they were on G-suite, they'd have a support line to call.

Having been a G Suite customer at a school district...their customer service is not great. It's fixable but I wouldn't rely on them. Please understand G Suite for schools is free. You get what you pay for.

I've been in the same boat (gsuite for education, for free) and have had top notch customer support on the couple of occasions something has gone wrong.

Suspect what is happening. G-Suite support is actually pretty good for a tech company.

The story is it's Google Payments that triggered the shutdown. The friend of the writer would have been the Google Apps user.

Google Payments is ridiculous. They escheated my merchant money to Delaware government, but their supports referse to provide the merchantment ID to me so that I can't find back the merchantment from Delaware goverment. It is like threw my money into the ocean. They said Delaware government didn't give them the ID. Who know.

I used them previously and I would say their support was OK .. I would never call it good.

We have platinum support for gcloud, it's terrible.

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