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I had no idea this was the case. That's shocking.

If I need cash, I walk into a Chase branch [Not my bank, but conveniently near a Thai Restaurant I like to visit] and just ask for cash advance against my VISA card. Done by a teller, there's no ATM fees.

Being poor is very expensive, and I think a lot of people have no idea just how crazy and awful finance in small numbers is and what that does to people's lives.

_Nickel and Dimed_[1] is oldish, but still highly relevant, if you want to read a depressing book.

[1] http://barbaraehrenreich.com/nickel-and-dimed-by-barbara-ehr... https://www.amazon.com/Nickel-Dimed-Not-Getting-America/dp/0...

Which cc does not charge interest before the thirty day grace period with cash advance?

I think the intent was to say that it avoided ATM fees, but not anything about other fees.

Use a debit card which has no fees or do us banks not offer those

Is it a cash advance if you're using a debit card? Isn't that just a withdrawal.

The op terminology must have been off.

CC cash advances are almost as bad as payday lending, why on earth would you pay a fee of 3-5% of the amount borrowed and 18-25% interest that compounds daily starting on the day the advance clears? Just use an ATM and take money out of your checking account..

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