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Well, in the case of windows, I recall that maintaining backward compatibility with a variety of applications required a knowledge of the resource demands of each of those applications, with those applications each operating in a different domain. Similarly, creating memory allocators is something of a "black art" - it's a matter of generically good allocator but one which doesn't generate fragmented memory in "normal usage patterns" and then you have to learn what those normal usage patterns are, which involves understanding however many applications.

So the question of "sophistication" is both subtle and difficult to call.

Edit: And the production of a algorithm that's a conglomeration of ad-hoc processes might qualify as another sort of sophistication, see "the hardest program I ever wrote":

http://journal.stuffwithstuff.com/2015/09/08/the-hardest-pro... http://journal.stuffwithstuff.com/2015/09/08/the-hardest-pro...

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