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I say this without having seen the code base for either, but I'd be surprised if Stuxnet's code base was anywhere near as large or with as many moving pieces. Still, it's incredible to imagine the knowledge base that needed to go into Stuxnet to get things off the ground.

Google Search was originally written by two guys in graduate school and has been refined and rewritten many times since then. I'm sure the code base is complicated and undoubtedly some of the greatest minds in software engineering and computer science have used it. The same goes for Linux, which was written by one guy and grew from there.

On the other hand, Stuxnet isn't something that a few brilliant graduate students could have put together. To even get this thing off the ground, you need people with backgrounds in nuclear physics and/or chemistry, operating systems specialists, people with knowledge of industrial equipment, networking experts, an espionage network and competent management to pull it all together. Plus, you need to keep the whole project secret. Oh, and funding. Lot's of funding.

I'd call that sophistication in that you can't even think about starting to tackle this problem if you're just two guys in a garage.

I think of it like if everyone who read these comments on HN got together we could engineer a very good OS.

I doubt we could come close to solving the problem of "stopping Iran nuke production without killing anyone or starting a war"

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