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i think for something to be sophisticated we are looking at how complex it is. this worm does nothing new in that regard (taking advantage of 0days, hiding, covering tracks etc.) it is no more sophisticated than a regular worm. quora is a fucking joke.

Personally, I think the Stuxnet work is comparable to a Rube Goldberg contraption.

So you could ask, is a RG machine more sophisticated than say a computer - maybe not on a strictly technical level, but again without a metric, it's all about how we feel about it.

Anyways, I thought it was a great writeup that explains at least one aspect of what sophisticated software is, in a language most anyone could understand.

I think for something to be sophisticated we are looking at the metric that differentiates fine wines and cheeses from plebeian non-fine wine and cheeses.

If we can just capture that essence, we will wield the power of sophistication in our hands.

Oh, in that case it's just placebo, price, and primed expectations.

You mean how much money is charged?

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