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I think Windows and Stuxnet are sophisticated in different ways.

Windows has to cover a huge area and a lot of "known" unknowns and be able to recover (somewhat) reliably. Stuff breaks, you get weird error messages, that driver for your Wi-Fi never really worked right, but at the end of the day you have a computer that works pretty well, and that's quite remarkable. The same is of course true of Linux and other operating systems.

Stuxnet is a hyper-specialized piece of software (malware) that cannot fail or it loses it's purpose. The authors clearly knew they had to have multiple fallbacks for every step of the process, but I find it very impressive that it reached it's end goal successfully and without being discovered. A lot of software (including malware) break because of regular software bugs, environments that differ from the expected, interference by the user, the list goes on. For Stuxnet to have avoided all of those, that is quite sophisticated.

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