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I recently had an onsite tech screen at a FANG company that requires whiteboard programming. The problem itself wasn't hard but I missed a requirement that was actually a hint. I shutdown and couldn't move on or work through it.

That said, I don't think whiteboard programming is always bad but it is a skill that I don't exercise and it showed.

My advice, talk through the problem with the interviewer and don't start writing code on the whiteboard until the interviewer has ok'd your proposed solution.

I usually need like good 5-10 minutes of quite time to think about the problem in peace. I just can't seem to do with interviewer staring at me and hounding me to 'think out loud', sorry I can't talk and think at the same time. I have no practise at 'thinking out loud' , i never do it in real life.

And that's why you have to practice.

I was the same but I do a lot better now after having done some 200+ technical interviews and a lot of practice on my own.

200 technical interviews?! What the hell? You shouldn't have to do 200 in your lifetime. This kinda reminds me of those MCSE certification bootcamps they used to have. They didn't teach you anything useful, they just taught you how to hack the test.

Yeah this would maybe only work for simple problems, that one can solve without thinking too far.

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