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Shun him you say? Shun Gates for what he did to Apple, Netscape etc etc. Shun Googlers for what they're doing to competitors, shun Larry for suing about Java....and so on. Will anyone knowledgeable be left?

Uhh, none of those are patent trolls. Sure they may sue their competitors but they actually make products. Patent trolls by definition do not.

So "patent troll" must be for tech to shun and declare upon them? Crushing your competition with everything possible is any better?

I can’t reallly understand what you are trying to say.

But I think most people here would agree that running a company that does something useful is better than just sitting on patents and suing people for infringing on them.

I think the point would be that Microsoft certainly makes products for a profit. And let's be honest: they're pretty useful products.

At best, in their case, it's their side projects that we have issues with.

My point is that we disagree with a lot of founders. Now he wrote an article, he either has a point on that article or he doesn't. If we started to shun smart people for something they did or didn't do (he says, I bought the patents and I'm monetizing them in legal ways) a lot would be lost.

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