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Punching someone in the face to get them to appreciate the risk they are running of being punched in the face is not ok.

I appreciate the sentiment here but no. I'm going to show you how easily you can be robbed with poor locks by robbing you is a crime. Infringing everyone's privacy to show it is possible is infringing everyone's privacy.

You can't claim to infringe privacy because you understand why it's so bad to infringe privacy any more than you can mug people to show them how bad it is being mugged.

If people are already being punched in the face in secret, 24/7, doing it ONE time with their knowledge to open their minds to their reality sounds pretty good to me.

I’d be happy with a compromise: collect everyone’s location but instead of displaying it after submitting the number send it to them as a text.

Those are terrible analogies. Their privacy is already being infringed and it's just making people aware of it.

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