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Thanks for the package! When it comes to JavaScript - the code is the documentation. You look up methods etc in the source code. But as this is 30k lines of generated code it's not very fun to read in order to figure out how something works. So in this case documentation, tutorials and examples becomes very important! For example how do you find all functions, or how do you find all variables, or all variables available (in scope) from position row/col.

I know there are documentation for Go, but that is not super helpful for a JavaScript dev. We need samples ready to copy & paste. Think Stack Overflow (https://stackoverflow.com/) which is often the first result that comes up when you Google for something JavaScript related.

That's a good point. I am adding more and more examples to the Go documentation these days.

Ideally I'd just point the JS people at the Go docs and examples, but the translation is not exactly one-to-one. This is why the README file published with the JS package has a complete example. I'll try to add a few more.

idea: Maybe the examples and documentation can be transpiled too !? Then you can have several tabs for each code snippet. Go, JavaScript, other. Some transpilations might end up weird, but you could fix those manually.

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