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another example of a similar phenomenon:


Thanks for posting, to me that was a much more potent illusion. I can hear whatever combination of brain/green and needle/storm I’m thinking of.

It’s interesting how both this and the yanny/laurel example are recordings of low quality speakers. I guess the added harmonics from the distortion in the playback causes the sounds to be more ambiguous than they would otherwise be.

I wonder how similar that actually is, because I can't actually hear yanny when I hear laurel if I think yanny, but there I definitely hear whichever i think about.

I can't hear "needle", no matter how much I concentrate on it.

The is a clear S in there, also I can clearly hear it's two syllables - where do you guys hear the third?

the timing is different - the S becomes the EE in needle

Jesus. My brain is being all messed with today.

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