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Ask HN: What are you working on at your company or startup?
15 points by symbolepro 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

Working on an open source, fast, fuzzy search engine that's dead simple to set-up and run: https://github.com/typesense/typesense

People who want a good search engine (for instant search etc.) today either need to go for a cloud hosted proprietary offering or have to learn to set-up Elasticsearch and spend a lot of time tweaking it to support typo tolerance. Trying to change that status quo.

Looks pretty cool. Is the idea similar to Algolia or different?

The goal is to be much better than Algolia and Typesense's design is in some ways already so:

1. Sorting order is dynamic, unlike Algolia where you are forced to define a sort order during index creation and you are forced to duplicate your entire index when you want another sort order, e.g. sort by timestamp vs sort by ratings.

2. Run fast on commodity hardware (e.g. a decent EC2 instance) instead of requiring special dedicated hardware that costs a bomb. This is achieved by using highly optimized in-memory data structures instead of relying on fast SSDs and memory mapped I/O approach that Algolia has taken.

3. Disprove the notion that one cannot host their search themselves and need to rely on a cloud service provider. We want to make it really easy to run Typesense and manage it. We have some things to do on this front, but this is definitely the goal.

All the best. As we know, there is a good market for (SAAS) Search As A Service :) . GO client will be great (feature request).

We want to build Zenkit as an Allrounder for your private life and your Business. At the moment it´s a tool which combines project management, task management, collaboration and many more. You can organize almost every department of your business with Zenkit. The best thing, you can switch views, personalize and customize it just the way you need it. If you need just a simple to-do list, no problem. You need to build a database and connect it to different tables, you can do that too. Every business uses a lot of different tools which don´t "talk" to each other. Different departments are separated by different tools and data silos, not up-to-date files and a bad project overview are the problems. With Zenkit we want to build a connection between every team and department.

There is so much more to say about it. So if you are interested you could visit our website here: https://zenkit.com

We're building a hosted SaaS and open source enterprise version of Apache Airflow [1] at Astronomer [2].

The goal of our startup is to solve all of the pain points where the framework stops and make the best version of operationalizing Airflow on Kubernetes; and authoring, deploying, and running DAGs in a distributed execution environment in production at scale.

It's pretty interesting to learn and see how features like orchestration and dynamic provisioning on a platform actually work all the way down.

[1]: https://github.com/apache/incubator-airflow/

[2]: https://www.astronomer.io/

I work for a company that develops and maintains an online platform used by quite a few large (academic) publishers.

I'm working on the search side of things, integrating the rest of the platform with the text search service we're using. Some (or a lot!) of it is busywork, but sometimes things get interesting. Mostly when you're out of options with what functionality is offered out of the box and you have to essentially look under the hood at the internals and write your own custom thing to serve whatever weird requirement client X came up with.

Apologies for the vagueness!

I work at a statup: https://www.pricekart.com as Asst. Product Manger, Data Scientist and Digital Marketer. Yes you read it right, in startups you have to perform multiple roles. I also write blogs and article for my startup. It is so much fun to work in a startup as you get a wide exposure in multiple fields. I have learned a lot and our startup is growing really fast.

> Yes you read it right, in startups you have to perform multiple roles.

Literally no one doubts this. Dont know why you had to put it so condescendingly.

Because that's the best part.

Working on migrating firebase real time database to firestore for https://aprl.la/

Its a peer to peer mobile app for mens to share clothes. Feedbacks welcome. (think of it like Airbnb for Men's fashion)

I am trying to build a portfolio of small services at http://staticgarden.com and then charging people for the whole bundle of services. Services like form endpoints, json store etc, mostly targeted at the JAMStack.

This looks like a provocative question, but ok. We're working on a Q&A knowledge base deeply integrated with slack: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/all-new-onebar

Async event pipeline written in Rust running on endpoint machines for telemetry collection. Also working on rewriting some web components from Ruby to Rust for performance (and cost) improvements.

It’s been a fun few months and I am super pleased to have chose Rust for this task.

Making a gamified keyboard for IOS, the hardest part is the auto-predictive.

What is the goal of the keyboard?

""Improve"" your writing, maybe. It started as a joke, we simulated with some friends, in a telegram group, a game where you write, but the game favor using words not commonly used, and it assign a score to your writing in realtime. In our "simulation" we scored ourself (that was the joke):

"that was part of the peculiarity +12 of the game."

see how I've put a random :) value next to a word? Wouldn't be cool if that is assigned by the "game"?

Well from that evolved, what if I write a "system" that can do that anywhere and in any app you use? And then it hit me, that is a mobile keyboard! So, it is an experiment at this point, I'm building it.

Sounds amusing +2

We are building a data curation PWA for surveys, so businesses can conduct surveys and ask questions before products are released.

Company 1: data visualizations (www.chatalytics.co). Company 2: email cadence content and mapping (www.rncld.com)

I'm working on tools which enable people to make video games.

Staying awake.

eheh. Mee to

working to setup a blockchain based financial startup

research, mostly user and cx, for UX decisions

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