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Ask HN: Whats a good way to handle my 497 bookmarks?
6 points by sh87 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
I’ve accumulated these over the course of 7 years. Some exported from IE, firefox, Chrome, del.icio.us some saved as .lnk files, some as text files. You get the idea. I realized a lot of them are dead (sadly). What do folks use to keep your bookmarks relevant ?

I had accumulated about 300 over the years and went through the following process to tidy up. 1. Get all links into a html format 2. Run through a python script to weed out invalid / dead links. 3. Of the remaining active links , run them through a script ( used headless chrome puppeteer ) to gather title , tag info for each link . 4. Check if any of the links were part of a named folder and catalogue. Unfortunately some of the bookmarks were not filed into named folders. 5. Run a script to check for common keywords or terms and group. ( Used R script ) 6. Manual check again and group them with appropriate #'s into Bear app which I use for note taking. While it might seem Heath Robinson'ish way of achieving something , I went about it this way to hone the skills around python , Puppeteer and R.

Now when I bookmark something I catalog why and what I want from that link clearly noted down in Bear app with tags.

Look into pinboard.in

It’s what I use to manage my bookmarks, way better than delicious.

You're not the only one with this problem.

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