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Poll: New'ish startups, what top-level domain do you use?
1 point by plessthanpt05 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
Some qualifications:

1) be a relatively new startup;

2) be for the main landing page;

3) not be a personal site (unless you are a consultant);

4) and please pick just one.

With all of the new tld's (and near .com saturation), I'm curious what folks are using nowadays.

4 points
2 points
2 points
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some other ccTLD (e.g. .ca, .eu, etc.)
1 point
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some other generic tld (e.g. .space, .tech, etc.)
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> near .com saturation

What on earth are you talking about? If a name is taken, a name is taken.

exactly. that's why I'm wondering what other tld's people are adopting when the .com is gone (if that happens to be the case).

.com won't be gone.

The character limit on DNS is 253; so you've got enough space to be imaginative.

Further; if your startup name is already taken, then you probably should make a new name. Someone who just browses the site won't be able to remember if it was a .io, or a .xyz, or .space. They really don't care, and the first thing they'll try is .com, since that was/is the unwritten standard.

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