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>> Salesforce relied on things this 'privacy law' would make illegal in order to get where they are today. This law would prevent other companies from following in their footsteps.

> Are those things we want other companies to be doing, though?

Apparently if someone got successful doing something bad once, we're supposed to be OK with people doing that bad thing forever, lest we risk some "regulatory capture" boogeyman.

The solution to regulatory capture is an actual solution to regulatory capture, not a general aversion to regulation.

There is almost no solution to regulatory capture - more gov to solve it does not work in practice, particularly because after these commissions are founded are idealistic principles, the public stops paying attention and often doesn't have the breadth of knowledge to understand how regulations could be used to prevent healthy competition. The way it unfolds, turns out, is very predictable. It limits the tools/services that could otherwise be offered and often keeps progress in that industry frozen in time almost, the existing companies frozen in place too.

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