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Yet Another Blog about Startup School (This one's pretty good) (andrewfarmer.name)
26 points by edw519 on Apr 22, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I am flattered, since I'm sure there are tons of more pleasant people :) Someone told me the Q&A troll would fall asleep during the presentations. Sheesh.

Mic-Troll FTW!! Thats the first reference I've read about the guy - I was a few rows behind him and yes, he was literally sleeping through presentations until Q/A time.

Mic troll, if you're reading this, take it as constructive criticism. Instead of pontificating your point, ask a quick, concise and relevant question.

I commented thusly on the site as well, but it bears repeating:

A friend of mine used to joke about rewriting the rules of discourse during Q&As so that instead of this: (P = presenter, T = troll)

   P: “Any questions? … Yes?”
   T: “Have you considered the effects of aliasing?” 
   P: “We’re using a bicubic blah blah blah…”
You would have this:

   P: “Any questions or comments? … Yes?” 
   T: “I know about aliasing.” 
   P: “Thank you.”

Mic troll was definitely cringeworthy.

By the time you slapped him down I had completely tuned the guy out. It wasn't until after the applause that I realized he had even gotten up.

Wow, he really rolled up the day nicely. I especially liked the line about Jessica Livingston having an "elementary school teacher alter-ego". So true... could there be a more pleasant person?

I'm sorry, but Jessica Livingston is a babe.

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