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Parralel construction.

You pull the phone location records of everyone near a protest without a warrant (and no intention of using the location data in court) then you dig into them to find something unrelated to the protest you can nail them on.

That way you take out key players without it looking like a political crackdown.

Based on the discussion in this thread doing such a thing seems relatively easy.

Obligatory Orwell:

“The most gifted of [the Proletariate], who might possibly become a nuclei of discontent, are simply marked down by the Thought Police and eliminated.”

Yep, that's on the simpler end of the spectrum, they can/could be far more insidious and subtle.

It's horrible but beyond supporting ORG, EFF and writing to my MP (I'm in the UK) not sure what else I can do, even if I protect myself from it my family and friends are still potentially fucked.

Advise everyone you know to keep their phones in foil potato chip bags?



What's ORG?

show up to a protest. bring your family and friends.

encourage everyone to boycott american companies.

It’s not just American companies.

That's absolutely a chilling effect. Just thinking about this I'm thinking back on events I've been to what what the government can infer from that. And they can probably nail us for anything now whenever they want to and it will be hard to trace it back to this kind of monitoring and analysis. The only way to avoid that would be to leave your phone at home and hope nobody records you or takes photos.

That assumes use by a malicious government, but what was described above was illegal use by private entities.

I'm pretty sure that in Germany, some of the described activities could be punished with prison time (and they certainly should).

So this is just a way to bulk identify people in a certain location at a certain time. Fairly efficient I guess but could bring up a lot of false positives, like passers by, journalists etc

I would think that the people who would want to bulk identify people at certain events wouldn't consider tracked journalists to be false positives.

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