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It's funny you should say the same issues aren't as bad with Node and NPM. Node's versioning is a sliding window. I tried compiling Bootstrap recently and it simply wouldn't compile because there was some dependency error that didn't make sense. Apparently Node breaks things too frequently and you can't `npm install` anything if it's half a year behind the newest version. I've never had that problem with Python.

'Node breaks things too frequently' - Python 2.7 -> 3.0.

Yes, you need to get the right version of Node, just like you need the right version of Python. I've had both largely just work with directions of "Version Y.X", where Y is defined. I've also had the occasion where it still broke with a specific version where both Y and X were defined.

In general, if I have the right version of Node (and I agree, I'd prefer package.json to also indicate the version of Node that was used to initialize it), things work when installing from package.json. Things also generally just work with Python if I have the right major version of Python, and an environment file. My issue is more that the 'simple' steps a lot of people do when creating Python projects -don't- use an environment. They just use whatever is installed globally on their computer, and they pip install any dependencies, then write a readme to pip install things with, rather than lock it down with a virtual environment.

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