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Ask HN: Dealing with multiple offers
2 points by CoffeeArchitect 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
I hold an offer from company A at £40k. I have an interview coming up with company B.

Company B is aware that I have an offer from company A and that it is a very similar tech stack. Company A is aware I'll be interviewing company B.

There's also an offer from company H but without going into details - companies A and B are apples while company H is an orange. Company H has a bigger budget but I'm not too crazy about working there.

Company B has already asked me my expected salary (£40k at the time) and I was told I might have to come down a little. This was before company A made an offer.

I suspect that at some point company B will request an updated expected salary at which point I'll say £48k. This is a great deal higher than my initial expectation to take into account the offer from company A. This figure will likely be way outside their authorised range but if I am a strong enough candidate perhaps they can make it happen with sign-off from the right people.

Company B might also ask me what company A offered. My gut response is that I shouldn't tell them this figure.

For context this will be my first graduate job so I don't really have that much leverage. At the back of my mind there's a hint of "don't overdo this".

What are some other scenarios to anticipate and what strategy would I employ?

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