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Yes, and “handler.enumerate” deprecation is stated in this mdn link. I thoroughly checked every described [un]feature in my recent research. There is some space for error ofc, but I’m aware of most obvious things. Again, simple get/set of existing or known keys is easy, but try to proxy an arbitrary object, array or class instance and see how it falls apart. This is almost a rule in JS: every feature is somewhat mentioned in docs, in the web, in excited conversations, but in fact it is shallow workaround that cracks under moderate pressure. So, please Vue.set(app.array, 3, v) and forget about abstracting vue away from your logic. I suspect that this is a consequence of commumity-driven design.

>almost every example of an issue that you have with the language seems to be resolvable using Proxy objects. I don’t think that light threading, introspection, scoping, etc is resolvable with proxy objects. If it is, it would be nice to know how.

We use proxies to watch models in our in-house MVC framework[1] and all those use cases are covered. You can watch setting array items with indexes, nested objects etc. It did take some jumping through hoops because the model also has to extend EventTarget which didn't like proxies. And we had to keep track of nested objects without creating new proxies on every call, but it's still not a rocket science.

Here the code of the model implementation: https://github.com/zandaqo/compago/blob/master/src/model.js


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