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Adobe XD now free through starter plan (adobe.com)
18 points by quineoa 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

I really wish they would change the name. I will always see XD as a laughing face from the AOL messenger days.

This to me seems like a reaction to the continued traction experienced by Sketch, InVision, et al? Now that UX and design has really extended beyond the core vision of Photoshop, this seems like a reactionary move - but perhaps a welcomed one? We're a Sketch shop here, I'd be interested on takes from people using XD today.

How does sketch compare to webflow?

Check out Figma https://www.figma.com

Give me right click + copy to css, and we'll talk.

Zeplin.io does that. We use it at work and though it is a little slow it is certainly a productivity enhancer. But the designs and outcome in the tool are as good as the designer, so consistency is very important.

Sketch + Zeplin are my tools of choice, also! :)

Yeah, I I just checked this tool and was shocked it doesn't export to html/css.... No wonder they give it away for free, but I can't see how this product can succeed.

No way I'm going to change my system to Windows 10 in order to get this freebie. I also see no reason they couldn't implement a Windows 7 version, the app is pretty basic.

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