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> ...this system is not meant for gaming...

It still kinda is. They didn’t skimp any more than they had to

> Even though this system is not meant to be a gaming rig, there’s no harm in putting in the best GPU you can without blowing the thermals.

These days with GPGPU (and crypto) becoming increasingly popular having a good GPU does not automatically imply gaming.

0% of people do (non crypto) GPGPU at home, and the post is lamenting crypto miners for driving prices up.

3D artists/motion graphics/video editors do. Check out Octane Render, Redshift, Realflow, After Effects, Premier etc for use cases.

Do those reach 1% of home users with GPUs?

I don't think there's a way to gather that statistic. Some people might suddenly get a project that involves software that leverages GPGPU, some might use it professionally, then there might be kids experimenting. Plus as the job market involving AIs grows, so does the GPGPU market.

My point was it's not "0%"... Users exist.

0% is different from none. 0% means that it's a very small amount, not even enough to be 1%. The implication is that while it could be true, it's such a rarity that it is not in fact a counterargument to "GPU implies gaming".

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