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Read some books, practice exercises, and find an area of interest.

Start with some liberal-arts introduction to a particular topic of interest and delve in.

I often find myself recommending Introduction to Graph Theory [0]. It is primarily aimed at liberal arts people who are math curious but may have been damaged or put off by the typical pedagogy of western mathematics. It will start you off by introducing some basic material and have you writing proofs in a simplistic style early on. I find the idea of convincing yourself it works is a better approach to teaching than to simply memorize formulas.

Another thing to ask yourself is, what will I gain from this? Mathematics requires a sustained focus and long-term practice. Part of it is rote memorization. It helps to maintain your motivation if you have a reason, a driving reason, to continue this practice. Even if it's simply a love of mathematics itself.

For me it was graphics at first... and today it's formal proofs and type theory.

Mathematics is beautiful. I'm glad we have it.

[0] https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Graph-Theory-Dover-Mathe...

Update: I also recommend keeping a journal of your progress. It will be helpful to revisit later when you begin to forget older topics and will help you to create a system for keeping your knowledge fresh as you progress to more advanced topics.

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