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How to Create Data-Driven User Interfaces in Vue (rangle.io)
30 points by sparso 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

comment not related to this article but more of a comment on data-driven user interfaces in general.

Building simplistic data driven UIs is (relatively) simple.

However, the issues arise as these get more complex. Instead of just needing to understand a thing, you now need to understand the engine which builds that thing.

Looking at the react community where the new hotness is also data driven everything. UI definition (incl. CSS) all now detailed in JSON(which each original author custom builds), a lot of time without constraints(..'cos flexibility)

Building a data driven anything without having a very strong focus on debug-ability right from the get go is doomed to fail.

Very insightful tutorial, thank you Evan

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