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Ask HN: Can you create a “hacker news” email alert for defined keyword(s)?
3 points by markrankin 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
For example, I would like "new" posts with the keyword "spatial" to be sent to my email. I usually search through HN Search to do this. Here is an example:


Markrankin, I understand that everyone has very different knowledge/experience levels, but please research and become resourceful prior to posting a generic "Can you create 'x'".

Think about the small pieces required to build what you want and then research how to create those small pieces.

As an example since you want to pull specific pieces of information from this site, research API tools. This process of investigation/creating a solution will help you.

API Example: http://hn.algolia.com/api/v1/search_by_date?tags=story

Best of luck.

Thanks for your help.

https://www.hnwatcher.com/ (found via google, not a user myself)

Been using this for the past couple years and it's a great service.

F5Bot can do this easily.


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