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Short Circuit: The High Cost of Electric Vehicle Subsidies (manhattan-institute.org)
5 points by jonwachob91 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Everytime I read one of these pieces they seem to all miss one of the biggest reasons I personally favor electric vehicles; concentrated traffic of combustion vehicles and local pollution.

The health and local environmental effects of vehicle pollution in cities are very real, noise too when it comes to buses and heavy vehicles. This is yet another area where we see a urban vs rural divide.

Combustion vehicles also can get less efficient and more polluting over their lifespan where EVs can have cleaner energy sources without needing to alter the vehicle.

It isn't worth taking the time to rebut yet another "study" from yet another of Rebekah Mercer's "think tanks" that want to destroy government so that plutocrats can rule without opposition. That's what this is.

Broad-based adoption of ZEVs will increase overall emissions of sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, and particulates, compared with the same number of new internal combustion engines.


on the plus side, i'm guessing that hundreds of thousands of people who live near freeways and busy highways will benefit from reduced local pollution.

OTOH, i have no idea how many people live near the power plants which will be emitting more sulfur dioxide and other pollutants.

I agree, but I tend to think it’s easier to make power generation less impactful than to replace thousands of privately owned vehicles. Maybe I’m wrong there.

1% of a really big number isn't "essentially zero".

Probably safe to auto-flag any content from the Manhattan Institute.

This appears to be a ideology based study from a right wing think tank. Reference: www.sourcewatch.org

Oh right, because continuing on with the status quo of spewing gigatons of CO2 in the atmosphere will be so cheap to remedy. Who's buying this kind of false economy any more?

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