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jamesjguthrie 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Watch the McAfee documentaries. They make a pretty compelling case that he's both a rapist and a murderer. We'll probably never have closure on that, since the crimes were committed in a poor, corrupt country and extradition from the US is difficult even in good circumstances.

Nevertheless, the way this guy is celebrated --- not just for his non-achievements in our field but for his crazy-person persona that incorporates those allegations --- is truly disturbing.

Yes, it’s sad for the people involved that all this happened, and that he managed to escape extradition by fleeing from one corrupt country to another. He likens him a bit like a cult leader, and the whole message of this website continues to build upon that storyline.

This appears to be an ad for some new cryptocurrency McAfee is trying to market.

Something sensational so people will look, only to read about the altcoin or whatever.

I started reading, giving the benefit of the doubt, but the logic used here is very poor.

Only people out to get him would possibly drive into the cul-de-sac? What about people who are lost? Come on.

Only reason for someone to occupy a vacant house is to spy on him? What about a homeless person? Come on.

Couldn't finish the article.

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