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How far are you? Are you reading all of the footnotes? I am so confused about it all but I love it. It has really sparked a curiosity I haven't had in awhile.

Btw, have you heard of the book Ship of Theseus? I bought it for my wife and we haven't jumped into it yet but seems similar in that it's a big puzzle: https://www.amazon.com/Ship-Theseus-J-Abrams/dp/0316201642 (and JJ Abrams if you're a fan)

I'm not OP, but I finished House of Leaves a year back and you definitely want to read the footnotes and everything else that Danielewski (or Zampano, if you like) has put on there.

It really is a terrific book.

I am definitely reading them but some of them are just references to news stories or articles that I just skim. Not sure if I'm meant to be digging deeper with those.

the nonlinear aspect of it all is wonderful.

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