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A world hidden 30m below Budapest (bbc.com)
137 points by MiriamWeiner 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

How can you have an article about diving below Budapest and have effectively zero underwater photos in a photo gallery on that subject?

Is there something I'm missing here or is the BBC just messing with us all?

There's a few shots in the video, but yeah, I expected more too.

Here's another video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV5LlnMDxOc

And many more from google images:


I know! The video was like 2:30 long and maybe 30 seconds actually had pictures or videos....

If you're now in an apocalyptic mood, you can also check out Budapest's subway shelters. The two socialist-era subway lines were designed to double as shelters in case of an emergency, and there's pretty substantial infrastructure built out to enable this usecase: gates to seal the tunnels, air and water supply systems, storage rooms, toilets. Occasionally there are drills [1] to practice for a real emergency. The linked article contains some fascinating pictures in their gallery, when you advance after clicking any of the embedded ones. Combine with the fact that some of the rolling stock is still Soviet vintage, for that extra Metro 2033 feel.

As for other underground passages, Budapest has several caves too [2][3][4], and a set of passageways that connect the famous Gellert Baths with its historic source deep in the mountain [5] and now contain mechanical rooms and other boreholes for the Baths' thermal water that are further from the Danube, so they don't mix in times of high water.

[1] http://iho.hu/hir/amikor-dizelmozdony-jar-a-metroalagutban-1... [2] http://www.dunaipoly.hu/hu/helyek/bemutatohelyek/pal-volgyi-... [3] http://www.dunaipoly.hu/hu/helyek/bemutatohelyek/szemlo-hegy... [4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gell%C3%A9rt_Hill_Cave [5] https://www.nlcafe.hu/foto/20150410/alagut-gellert-hegy-alat...

I'll be visiting Budapest in a couple of months. Are there any guided tours that you can recommend, diving a bit deeper into the history of Budapest?

This is cool. I've lived in Budapest most of my life and I didn't know this.

Budapest is an amazing place, wish I knew about this when I visited.

Grade-A horror movie material.

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